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Baltimore, Maryland-based A-Safe Inc. is a manufacturer of protective guarding for warehouses, distribution centers, and other facilities. Its iFlex, eFlex, mFlex, FlexiShield, ForkGuard, and RackGuard ranges include pedestrian, traffic, and building guarding solutions. A-Safe’s philosophy is to put knowledge into customers’ hands to enable them to make informed decisions and take a more holistic approach to protective guarding within their workplaces. A-Safe moved to Elkridge near Baltimore in 2016 and now employs over 40 people with coverage across the entire eastern board of the U.S. in addition to a newly established territory on the west coast.

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A-Safe Launches New Topple Barriers

Baltimore, Maryland-based A-Safe Inc. has launched a new range of modular iFlex Topple Barrier, available in both standard and heavy-duty variants, designed to create protection solutions in configurable height variations from 7.2 ft. (2.2m) to 17 ft. (5.2m) in 39 in. (1,000mm) increments.

As space within facilities continues to be restricted, Topple Barrier systems segregate pedestrians and protect them from vehicles and the danger of stacked bulk goods toppling. They are designed for the safe compounding of stillages, unit load device (ULD) stackable creates and other types of finished goods, to offer protection by containing falling items should a stack topple. The heavy-duty version will also withstand impact from a laden forklift in the event of an accidental impact at low level.

A-Safe, a manufacturer of protective guarding for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and other workplace environments, is targeting the new range at buying decision makers in any locations that stack pallets, or where product in stillages is stacked. Like other products in the range, it is made from A-Safe’s Memaplex material, the company’s patented blend of eight materials and rubber additives that, practically, absorbs impact without incurring damage.

Paul Barlow, CEO at A-Safe Inc., said: “There are similar products on the market, but typically in fabricated steel, which is both expensive and costly to install and maintain, making it an opex intensive product. Other similar polymer products do exist in the market but they are not supported by independent technical data that verifies their impact capability, whereas the A-Safe product is independently tested and verified by TUV Nord to ensure the product is ‘fit for purpose’. Additionally, as a fully self-standing structure, the modular design provides total flexibility for the client without relying on the structure of the building to support.”

The Topple Barrier, an enhancement of A-Safe’s existing High Level series, joins the manufacturer’s iFlex product range. The solution is floor-mounted with less than 1-in. (22mm) expansion ground anchors. Units are supplied in sections for assembly on-site and are available with both black and yellow posts and rails, as standard.

Barlow added: “The product can be installed in continuous runs, or individual sections. It can withstand a high side load in the event of a pallet toppling onto it; the system will flex and recover back to its original position.”

Standard topple barriers are static load tested at a height of approx.10 ft. to withstand a 2,200 lbs. pallet pushing or leaning onto the center of the top rail over an eight-hour period. The heavy-duty version, meanwhile, is designed to withstand a low level impact from a Forklift of 28,950 Joules at a 45-degree angle of impact (13,000 lbs. travelling at 7 mph)—and offer the same static load resistance. A-Safe’s proven fork-impact protection, eFlex ForkGuard, is supplied between base plates to create the required pallet / goods positioning against the barrier. Barriers are supplied with the standard A-Safe black base plate, which is zinc nickel and electrophoretic coated.

Barlow said: “The range is suited to installation at new facilities or those currently without such topple protection infrastructure, but can also replace less efficient solutions that are currently in place. It boasts all the usual hallmarks of our product range— impact absorption, low opex due to low maintenance, reduced floor damage as a result of lower forces imparted on the floor anchors, reduced vehicle damage, etc. It has already proved its worth in an installation in Europe and we are anticipating widespread uptake here in the U.S.”

A-Safe will offer the new Topple Barriers which can be tailored to suit both high and low-level storage areas, directly to end users and to the reseller / distributor marketplace.

Caption: iFlex Topple Barriers are made from A-Safe’s patented Memaplex material.

Caption: The product can be installed in continuous runs or around 90-degree corners.

Caption: The modular design provides total flexibility without relying on the structure of the building.

Caption: Barriers are supplied with the standard A-Safe black base plate.

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