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A USA-based material handling and lifting equipment store. We represent leading brands such as The Crosby Group, The Caldwell Group, OZ Lifting, Abel-Howe, Crosby Straightpoint, A-Safe, DICA and Reid Lifting.Putting lifting, material handling, safety and load monitoring products a click away from end users. Our e-commerce store offers breadth of product with every item provided by premium suppliers with stock held in the USA for quick delivery direct from the manufacturer.


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Material Handling Equipment Store Expands

New products have been added to FAD Equipment Store—www.fadequipmentstore.com—for personnel lifting and material handling.

Headquartered in South Carolina, the store puts lifting, material handling, safety and load monitoring products a click away from end users in warehouses, manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, renewables, commercial and other markets. Solutions that can be used by anybody but feature cutting-edge design and state-of-the-art technology are drop-shipped to customers.

Three notable brands have been added to the ever-growing catalog of products, including Malta Dynamics’ fall protection solutions; Reid Lifting’s lightweight, portable, aluminum lifting systems; and Giant-Move’s popular platform trucks, carts, shelves, drum dollies, forked devices, and furniture movers.

The Crosby Group’s range of lifting and rigging hardware remains at the forefront of the store, including an expanded Gunnebo Industries range of blocks, sheaves, components for chain and wire rope slings, shackles and chain.

David Ayling, president at FAD Equipment Store, said: “The three new brands—Malta, Reid and Giant-Move—plus Gunnebo’s beefed-up offering, all build on the catalog of best-in-class equipment that is already available, and popular with customers. We will continue to add solutions if we feel the marketplace would benefit from their availability. The store offers breadth of product but every item is provided by premium suppliers with stock held in the USA for quick delivery direct from the manufacturer. Everything is divided into easy-to-navigate product sections so we can constantly expand without adding complexity to the user experience.”

New products revealed

The Malta Dynamics range includes tripods, rescue systems, and ancillary equipment. Its aluminum alloy tripod is built to support one worker up to 310 lbs., while the standard winch is designed for personnel riding, material handling, rescue and evacuation. Self-retracting lifelines are also a focal point of the safety-centric range. Reid Lifting’s (Porta-Gantry, Porta-Gantry Rapide) aluminum gantries are designed for easy transport, rapid assembly, and safe use. Customers use these lightweight, portable, aluminum gantries in mill righting, civil construction, and mining, where increased utilization of such lightweight cranes has been seen over a period of time. However, use is also widespread in the renewable energy, water and wastewater, oil and gas, height safety and rescue, automotive, marine, nuclear, and utilities sectors.

Giant-Move has selected a variety of material handling solutions for the store, including platform trucks, carts, shelves, drum dollies, and forked devices. Aluminum platform trucks are especially in-demand because they have a clean appearance, yet are built with heavy-duty use in mind. This equipment often eliminates the need for manual handling. Ergonomic and other solutions fit within end users’ lean manufacturing programs.

Other leading manufacturers that have listed product on the store include Crosby | Straightpoint (load monitoring technology), Crosby | Accolift (chain and lever hoists), Oz Lifting (davit cranes and hoists), Caldwell (overhead lifting and rigging gear), SpaceGuard, A-Safe (both protective guarding products), P&I Supply (tool drop prevention solutions), and Kroy Sign Systems (signs and way-finding).

Begin a lifting, material handling, safety or load monitoring product purchase today at www.fadequipmentstore.com.

Contact for editorial inquiries: Jeff Miller, general manager, jeff@fadequipmentstore.com