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OZ Lifting Products LLC is a manufacturer of lifting equipment and solutions for the oil, gas, automotive, aviation, construction, mining and other industries. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes lever hoists, chain hoists, davit cranes, beam trolleys and winches. OZ’s solutions have been applied across the world but it principally sells through an extensive network of distributors across the U.S.


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OZ Lifting Expands Industrial Chain Hoist Range

OZ Lifting Products LLC has added to its ever-growing industrial manual chain hoist range with 3-ton and 5-ton capacity models.

The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer already had 0.25-ton, 0.5-ton, 1-ton, and 2-ton capacity models in the line, but larger units have been added in response to ongoing demand for use with beam clamps, trolleys, and other industrial equipment.

Notably, the hoists do not feature overload protection, meaning they are well suited to utilization where the user knows the weight of the load they are lifting, such as when moving standard parts repeatedly on a production line or at a workstation.

Steve Napieralski, president at OZ Lifting, said: “If you know the weight of your load, our whole industrial range is perfect. The line of chain hoists has almost limitless applications, which allows us to market these hoists so broadly. Whether you’re hanging them from a beam clamp or trolley, or lifting any load now up to 5 tons, these hoists offer high quality at a fair price—a hallmark of our entire catalog.”

The effort required to lift using these hoists is consistent through the entire range and that of the company’s premium line, which is equipped with overload protection. The net weight of the product ranges from 4.7 lbs. on the lightest unit, up to 40 lbs. and 52 lbs. on the 3-ton and 5-ton models respectively. Standard heights of lift are 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., and 30 ft., but custom rigging is available on both the hand and Grade 80 alloy load chain.

Napieralski said: “The all-steel construction, zinc-plated hand chain, long-lasting powder-coat finish, and fully-enclosed gearing, remain integral features of the line [of hoists] but, really, it is now the breadth of capacity range that channel partners and end users alike have noted. In stock and ready for sale, I expect the 3-ton and 5-ton capacity models to be just as popular as the existing, lower capacity products.”

Additional product features include forged alloy steel hooks, Weston-style brake system, thrust bearing on lower hook twin pawl, heavy-duty latches, and conformity with CE, ASME B30.16, and AS1418.2 standards. Each hoist is rigged, load tested, and comes with an individual test certificate, and extra set of latches.

Caption: The net weight of the product ranges from 4.7 lbs. on the lightest unit, up to 40 lbs. and 52 lbs. on the 3-ton and 5-ton models respectively.

Contact for editorial enquiries: Richard Miller, sales manager, OZ Lifting rich@ozliftingproducts.com