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Bubenzer originally made high performance disc and drum brakes for port cranes and other severe duty applications, as well as complementary goods, like emergency brakes and storm brakes. The company has also successfully marketed the same braking concept to the industrial crane and windmill sectors. In many cases, their product is requested as single-source in specification documents.


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Pintsch Bubenzer Appoints New Mining Sales Specialist

Pintsch Bubenzer, a manufacturer of high performance disc and drum brakes for severe duty applications, has named Daiel Hoffmans, global sales director mining. Hoffmans will be based at headquarters in Germany but will lead a global team, as the company looks to further raise its profile in the Americas and other mining hotbeds around the world.

Pintsch Bubenzer offers a variety of products that were originally renowned for use with high duty cycle container handling equipment at ports and harbors. However, it has successfully expanded into mines, wind energy, and the industrial crane market in recent years, where its emergency brakes are increasingly being installed on electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes in the steel sector, in particular. Standout mining projects include successful installations at Oyu Tolgoi (Mongolia), Elecon (India) and Spence (Chile).

Hoffmans said: “The product range is proven in a multitude of industries where equipment is required to work close to its capacity and at near maximum speed, often in 24/7 operation. However, despite the synergies between many of these marketplaces, only by immersing ourselves deeper into the mining sector itself can we truly realize our potential and pioneer continued improvement of safety—most importantly—and productivity. With exclusive focus from my team and myself on one industry, we can promote high performance disc and drum brakes for mines, beyond a range with generic benefits.”

Hoffmans has earmarked the Americas, Africa, Australasia, and parts of Asia as geographies of potential, where conveyor belts, cranes, stacker-reclaimers, excavators, and unloading equipment are among the heavy machinery being employed on a variety of mining projects. He has already implemented strategies to engage a select group of decision makers, much like Pintsch Bubenzer has achieved in other heavy-duty sectors.

Joel Cox, president at Pintsch Bubenzer USA, said: “It’s a noteworthy appointment because it states our intent in the mining sector, which is an area of great interest in my geography—and others across the world. Daiel will be addressing decision makers as a representative of their industry, versus someone working a mile wide but only an inch deep across many sectors. We have successfully introduced our braking concepts to a number of new sectors in recent times, but it always took market knowledge and the right personnel to achieve our goals, and in Daiel’s recruitment we are working from that blueprint once again.”

Hoffmans has been working with Pintsch Bubenzer products in numerous roles since 2005. He also brings a wealth of broader experience to the role, most recently in a management position at Faiveley Transport, a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the railway industry, where he worked with Stemmann Technik GmbH, Gerken Group, Akapp-Stemmann BV, and TransTech. Prior to that he was in a sales role at Stemmann Technik.

Hoffmans added: “I understand the product range well and look forward to continuing its evolution in the mining industry. I’m particularly excited about exploring the prospect of increasing the modularity of our solutions. I have a history of working with high-end equipment, which will serve me well as I conduct site visits and learn more about the immediate and longer term requirements of our existing and prospective customers.”

Mining professionals will note Pintsch Bubenzer’s recent launch of ibrake®, a multidimensional app, downloadable to cell phones and other smart devices, featuring a dashboard for users, maintenance videos, parts lists, technical drawings, lifecycle documentation, and access to 24-hour support. Parts can also be ordered through the app, which sends service alerts to customers. Users can utilize the app to scan digital barcodes, sometimes called quick response codes, to direct them to product information created by the manufacturer.

Caption: Daiel Hoffmans, global sales director mining at Pintsch Bubenzer.

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