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Bowser Solutions is a provider of bowsers (tankers) for fast, efficient refuelling and watering in the highways and infrastructure sectors. Each vehicle that rolls off the production line is unique and purpose-built for a specific site-based refuelling or water function. Fleets have been utilised for a myriad of purposes from watering new vegetation on the banks of the M3 Motorway to refuelling highways vehicles so they can return to work within five minutes. Bowser Solutions has a number of ISO certifications.


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 T&M Launches FuelServe Static Tanks, Pumps

Horsham-based T&M Bowser Solutions (T&M) has unveiled a range of radio frequency identification (RFID)-equipped static fuel tanks and hand pumps, combining to complete the FuelServe solution. The self-service system eliminates the need to leave a jobsite to refuel vehicles and plant.

The launch follows an overhaul of fuelling strategy in the wake of revised legislation and the switch from red to white diesel last year. The manufacturer of custom-built bowsers (tankers) is already installing FuelServe units; each FuelServe unit pumps 80 litres per minute and has an automatic safety shut-off nozzle as standard.

Terry Beasley, managing director at T&M, said: “The system prevents the principal contractor from having to send its trucks, vans, and pick-ups to the local petrol station. Where is the nearest station when you’re working on a stretch of the M25, for example? The disruption to site productivity in these situations is significant.

“We’re providing the entire product to all our customers who take up fuel solutions with plant hire, whether they use our bowers, fuel, or both. There is nothing like this available to construction sites; it can be fitted to any size of static tank. Feedback to date has been incredibly positive.”

A prominent contractor in the infrastructure sector said: “With this pump on site, we save time for our team; it removes a need to go to the filling station and stand in a queue. Also, it is easy to use, and our workers and drivers are really happy with it.”

Beasley added: “As soon as you take the nozzle out of the tank, the transaction is complete, thereby preventing any pilfering of fuel, such as fuelling a vehicle and then filing a separate jerry can. Our RFID tags have been designed in such a way that if they are removed from the vehicle they are disarmed, rendering them inoperable. The tags are assigned to each [T&M] pump and our fuel management system; we took the same technology from our bowsers, thus, providing a static solution.”

All-in-one refuelling

FuelServe can dispense derv or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel, serving a fleet of site vehicles, in addition to contractors’ plant working for a period of time, if wider use is permitted. A report, sent on a weekly or monthly basis, provides the same level of information a customer would expect from a fuel card provider, including individual vehicle mileage.

Additional features include a low-level alarm, the parameters of which can be set by T&M to meet a customer’s thresholds, alerting both the end user and manufacturer when fuel is getting low. A flashing beacon is also fitted as a visual indicator, while the equivalent best-available technology is utilised to alert the user that a leak has occurred, or if someone overfills the static tank. The technology dovetails with the aforementioned T&M-encrypted nozzles.

The ATEX-compliant tanks themselves are fitted with an electric roller shutter, that prevents manual handling injuries, which is lockable as a security measure. Tanks are fitted with an internal drip tray that can be removed for cleaning. Units are fitted with a 3.66m steel braised hose, but they can be extended to 8m on a retractable system. Lighting can be fitted to the tanks as a safety feature.

Beasley said: “FuelServe allows for the refilling of our fuel bowsers, which in turn can be used to refuel the customer’s plant throughout the site. Simultaneously, customers have the convenience of refuelling their vehicles. This setup provides a comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ solution.”

  • T&M is working on a similar self-service solution for AdBlue.

Caption: FuelServe is an RFID-equipped range of static fuel tanks and hand pumps.

Caption: FuelServe can dispense derv or hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel.

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