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Howard is a specialist provider of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems; electricity; and related testing and inspection services. Customers range from large and complex national organisations that are looking for a holistic approach to their electrical and mechanical requirements, to regional businesses seeking short-term solutions. Howard, a family business, was established in 1984; they are owned and directed by Peter and Richard Howard, who founded the company alongside their brother and father.


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Gas Fired Water Heaters for Hilton Waldorf Hotel

Howard Electrical Ltd replaced the Gas Fired Heaters at the Waldorf Hilton, London, as the company fulfilled a requirement to provide constant domestic hot water service (DHWS) to the Aldwych-based hotel throughout the duration of the three-month refurbishment project.

Howard Electrical, a specialist provider of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and electrical services, was tasked with removal of the existing system and provision of a temporary system, prior to changeover to the new equipment, which also had to be completed whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the busy hotel. The entire project was undertaken within the boilerhouse basement plantroom.

Robert Emery, senior engineering support manager (EMEA), engineering operations (Hilton Worldwide), said: “The old Lochinvar boilers were life expired, a status that had been accelerated by the hardness of the water in the local area. In fact, the copper tubes within the DHWS boilers had become blocked. The hotel experienced water heating issues at high peak times.”

Peter Howard, director at Howard Electrical, explained that the existing service installation provided the hotel with hot water from bulk storage, which was located in the basement plantroom. It was reported that the facility was experiencing problems with its heater units; installation of plate heat exchangers served as a backup heat source for DHWS during the works, he said.

Temporary pipework was connected to two plate heat exchangers via the main heating boilers, while the existing DHWS, gas-fired heater and bulk water storage vessels were removed. Howard Electrical installed six new Eco Knight condensing water heaters, connected to three new LST 100 water storage vessels. Meanwhile, significant modifications were required to the existing gas supply flues, pipework, and the electrical and controls elements, which serve the new system.

Rob Emery concluded: “This particular Hilton property is a complex and challenging building. We’re aware that Howard manages and supports such projects on a regular basis. Additionally, I know that if there should be any problems during the works, Peter and Richard Howard [fellow director] are stood beside me to remediate those issues. It was actually an extremely successful installation.”

The project concluded with testing and commissioning of the new system.

Caption: The installed pipework, circulation pumps, and structural support.

Caption: New domestic hot water service (DHWS) storage cylinders.