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RSS offers a myriad of products and services related to lifting and rigging. Its full range is available to hire from all depots covering the length and breadth of the UK, while lifting gear, accessories, slings, material handling tools, and height safety products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, are available for sale. They also boast a full in-house manufacturing workshop covering 36,500 sq. ft. and offer testing, inspection, and training services. 


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RSS Offers Verton Load Orientation Technology

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) has been named a UK distributor of Verton’s load orientation products.

Verton is an innovative technology firm and inventor of the world’s first remote-controlled load orientation system, which makes taglines obsolete, removing the need for workers to be near moving or suspended loads. It is focused on providing scalable lifting solutions for the industry, whether it be for heavier and bulkier loads, reducing environmental impacts on operations, or providing actionable data for identifying opportunities for further reducing risks.

Solutions include the Everest 6, a 20-ton load orienting spreader beam; Everest 30, a modular load orienting system for a broad range of working load limits; Windmaster, a load orientation device for wind turbine erection; and modular SpinPod technology, which uses gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems that orientate suspended loads remotely.

Sean Maslen, sales director at RSS, said: “These products will complement our spreader beam fleet as they can be used in tandem with existing equipment. Load orientation means a lot to RSS; we are working with clients to create exclusion zones without taglines. Verton is unique as it is the only orientating beam to use gyroscopes. Wind energy is of special interest for stability and load positioning.”

RSS, a specialist provider of lifting and rigging equipment, already stocks the full catalogue of products from The Crosby Group, which recently completed a significant investment in Australia-based Verton. Crosby and Verton will collaborate in the market to accelerate the adoption of this game-changing load orientation technology. By leveraging Crosby’s global footprint, Verton will bring an elevated level of safety to an increasing number of workers.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “As a Crosby distributor we naturally take an interest in the products they are bringing to market; we have been looking at Verton for about 18 months. To become a distributor, we have worked closely with them to facilitate demonstrations for end users. Verton’s range of lifting products integrate state-of-the-art smart technology to facilitate more precise load placement, faster task turnover, and superior analysis and oversight of operations. By February we will have the full range of products in stock.”

  • RSS has completed full training on the portfolio of load orientation products.

Caption: Windmaster is a load orientation device for wind turbine erection.

Caption: The modular SpinPod technology uses gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems that orientate suspended loads remotely.

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