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RSS Welcomes Crosby Rigging Trailer to Super Sewer Project

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) joined end users at the Thames Tideway Tunnel project to welcome Crosby’s Rig Safe Rig Smart European Trailer to the super sewer site in London earlier this month (July).

UK- and Europe-based end users of Crosby equipment can request visits from the trailer, a purpose-built vehicle based on the popularity of a pair of Ford Ranger trucks that have been converted for a similar purpose in the USA. It is equipped with a fleet of lifting and rigging products, including a 500kg capacity electric crane, which allows a trainer to demonstrate the effect of using slings at angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees from the vertical, recording the increased loads on load cells.

RSS, a Crosby distributor, is constantly engaged in lifting and rigging activity on the site, providing Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) inspections in addition to hire and sales of product from its extensive portfolio. The trailer was therefore well received at different locations over a five-day period at Thames Tideway.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “We specifically focussed on mode factors and sling angles, and the difference between quality and poor lifting gear. We provide most Crosby products—shackles, rigging screws, chains, hoist rings, blocks, etc.—so it was a useful exercise for us and our end users on the site alike. We will definitely ask [Crosby] to bring the trailer to some of our other sites in future.”

Also on board is a 15t capacity vertical test bed, used to show the differences in deformation characteristics of fully-certified Crosby hooks and alternatives. Compression cells that can calculate the centre of gravity of loads; two work-benches setup for Crosby IP vertical lifting clamp training; and a selection of other products that allow end users to gain hands-on experience with the product range, complete the offering carried by the trailer.

Ashley Hall, area sales manager at Crosby Europe, who also uses the trailer to deliver training, said: “Crosby has always promoted training to ensure we rig safe and the trailer allows us to take toolbox training direct to the shop floor. The truck doesn’t require or replace the need for classroom-based content; we still have our general and heavy lift rigging seminars, which are best presented in a more formal environment. The trailer is designed for quick toolbox-style visits.”

The trailer can be driven, setup and utilised by one person, and conveniently doubles up as an exhibition stand. The vehicle is specifically designed for the lifting and rigging marketplace but it can be adapted to support other sectors, such as fishing.

Hall added: “The ultimate goal [of the trailer] was to deliver the concept to end users, as well as participating in industry road shows and open days, so we embraced this opportunity to take it to the Thames Tideway Tunnel project and the feedback was very positive.”

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Caption: The Rig Safe Rig Smart European Trailer spent a week at the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.

Caption: The trailer is designed for quick toolbox-style visits.

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